X-rays: A Necessity For Your Oral Health

Posted on Jan 26, 2012

X-rays are essential to a person’s oral health, and at Kerrisdale Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Vancouver, we want to ensure that people are getting regular X-rays for their teeth.

So what is the big deal about getting X-rays? X-ray exams reveal the state of your teeth, and the composition of the bones in your face. They are also able to spot gum disease and abnormal growths (including cysts and tumors). X-rays can also locate where impacted and unerupted teeth are, and can find cavities or disease that a simple checkup couldn’t.

X-rays for Vancouver dental patients at Kerrisdale Cosmetic and General Dentistry can be vital for maintaining oral health. For most patients, they will receive a full set of mouth X-rays to determine the state of their oral health. Patients may need to follow up so we can analyze the condition of their gums or their odds of tooth decay.

Our patients’ health is important to us, so schedule an appointment at Kerrisdale Cosmetic and General Dentistry today to book your X-ray.